Onion News Network

Onion News Network

Series 1 - Episode 2



Yes! It’s a crisis! Brooke Alvarez’s FactZone is in overdrive as a severe snowstorm hits the Midwest. There might even be an eighth-of-an-inch dusting in New Orleans, which leads to mass panic and a full evacuation.

Gags about New Orleans being overly fearful of natural disasters – not to mention that whole segment being titled “Snowlocaust” – tell you that Onion News Network has stolen Chris Morris’s shoes and is dancing on the line between good and bad taste.

Over that line and out of sight is Michael Falk, the autistic reporter who visits a murder victim’s funeral. But the point about insensitive and redundant news coverage of personal tragedy is sound. Onion News Network goes where most satire would never dare.


Correspondents report on a snowstorm that has brought out the worst in the American people and a minor breakthrough for female soldiers. Spoof news show, starring Suzanne Sena.

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Brooke Alvarez Suzanne Sena
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