Best Laid Plans

Series 2 - Episode 10 Best Laid Plans



Andy tries to track down an armed robber, and stumbles across an accident scene where a woman is pinned down by a car. While she stays to help, the rest of 15 Division continues to hunt for the fugitive. Drama, starring Missy Peregrym and Ben Bass.

Cast & Crew

Andy McNally Missy Peregrym
Dov Epstein Gregory Smith
Traci Nash Enuka Okuma
Chris Diaz Travis Milne
Det Luke Callahan Eric Johnson
Gail Peck Charlotte Sullivan
Oliver Shaw Matt Gordon
Det Jerry Barber Noam Jenkins
Noelle Williams Melanie Nicholls-King
Frank Best Lyriq Bent
Sam Swarek Ben Bass
Leslie Atkins Kathleen Robertson
Det Donovan Boyd Aaron Abrams
Sue Tran Mayko Nguyen
Tammy Walker Danielle Hampton
Director John Fawcett
Executive Producer David Wellington
Executive Producer Ilana Frank
Executive Producer John Morayniss
Executive Producer Noreen Halpern
Executive Producer Tassie Cameron
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