The Killing II

Series 2 - Episode 4 The Killing II



So you thought the opening episodes of the new series were a bit draggy and talky? I know you did and you were right. But after those two hours of sometimes painfully obscure exposition and establishment, The Killing suddenly lifts off to become a ricocheting, buzzing thriller.

The plot at last starts to pulse with energy as Sarah Lund and her hunky new sidekick Strange (nice sexual tension, by the way) start to fathom why lawyer Anne Dragsholm and an ex-soldier were both tortured and executed.

As they — and we — feel our way through the murk, everything becomes drenched in urgent, claustrophobic menace; the killer is ruthless and on a mission. He/she will not stop. Admittedly, there’s still a bit too much bickering between politicos in nondescript government back rooms. But even here the outline of a potentially explosive conspiracy is beginning to take shape.

Still, it’s the action that grabs, as Lund and Strange are caught in the wilderness. And they are not alone.


Lund and Strange think the killer they are investigating has claimed a third victim when another body is found - but Special Branch believes the detectives are targeting the wrong suspect. Meanwhile, an under-pressure Buch discovers some surprising secrets about his predecessor. Danish crime thriller, starring Sofie Grabol.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Lund Sofie Grabol
Thomas Buch Nicolas Bro
Karina Munk Jorgensen Charlotte Guldberg
Carsten Plough Preben Kristensen
Jens Peter Raben Ken Vedsegaard
Louise Raben Stine Praetorius
Torsten Jarnvig Flemming Enevold
Lennart Brix Morten Suurballe
Ulrik Strange Mikael Birkkjaer
Erik Konig Soren Pilmark
Ruth Hedeby Lotte Andersen
Gert Grue Eriksen Kurt Ravn
Gunnar Torpe Lars Sidenius
Christian Sogaard Carsten Bjornlund
Said Bilal Igor Radosavljevic
Birgitte Agger Benedikte Hansen
Erling Krabbe Jens Jacob Tychsen
Flemming Rossing Ole Lemmeke
Abdel Hussein Kodmani Ramadan Huseini
Vibeke Lund Anne Marie Helger
Bjorn Asger Reher
Lisbeth Thomsen Lotte Munk
Director Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Writer Soren Sveistrup
Writer Michael W Horsten
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