Pete Versus Life

The Veteran

Series 2 - Episode 5 The Veteran



Craven Pete, professional disaster and romantic failure, runs over a woman’s cat, which gives him the perfect opportunity to try to get off with the grieving pet-owner.

This, like every single one of Pete’s potential assignations, could bomb horribly when it comes to laughs, but Rafe Spall is so endearing as pin-brained Pete (he’s a halfwit, but he’s not malicious) that it just works.

It’s a delight, too, to know that everything will always go badly wrong, despite Pete’s best efforts and Olympian lies.


Pete tries to impress his new girlfriend Mel by claiming he has served in the army, only to discover her brother is an actual veteran. To compound his misfortune, he runs over her cat, but fails to mention it. Comedy, starring Rafe Spall and Siobhan Hewlett.