The British Woman on Death Row

The British Woman on Death Row


Linda Carty is a grandmother from the Commonwealth island of St Kitts currently awaiting execution in Texas. She was convicted in 2002 of the murder of a neighbour in order to abduct her baby boy. In this deeply affecting documentary, film-maker Steve Humphries sets out to unpick the details of this emotive case.

What he finds is a pitiful tale of systemic failure — a conviction based on circumstantial evidence and the testimony of a criminal, and the ineptitude of a lawyer whose litany of neglected duties is shocking. As an argument against the death penalty, it’s compelling.


The story of Linda Carty, a British grandmother and former teacher who is currently awaiting execution by lethal injection in Texas. Found guilty of being the mastermind behind the abduction of a three-day old baby boy and murder of his mother, she has always denied any involvement in the crime - but circumstantial evidence, together with testimony from the gang who carried it out, led to her conviction in 2002.

Cast & Crew

Director Steve Humphries
Producer Steve Humphries
Producer Nick Maddocks