Living the Life: Joanna Lumley Meets Melvyn Bragg

Series 1 - Episode 2 Living the Life: Joanna Lumley Meets Melvyn Bragg



Melvyn Bragg is used to putting people from the performing arts through their paces, but who knew that Joanna Lumley – the personality with whom he’s paired in this revealing chat – would be such a wily interrogator? First she ticks him off about his jittery feet and then lobs “I want to know why you had a nervous breakdown?” into the conversation.

Lord Bragg is an honest but surprisingly nervous interviewee (although recollections of teenage anxiety put this into context), while Lumley proves to be a constant delight with a witty turn of phrase and a style that comes close to free association.


Joanna Lumley and Melvyn Bragg chat about their lives and work, with the actress discussing moving between different countries as a child and having to pay to become a British citizen.
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