Live at the Apollo

Sean Lock, Lee Nelson and Ed Byrne

Series 7 - Episode 2 Sean Lock, Lee Nelson and Ed Byrne



Between them Have I Got News for You and Live at the Apollo are a perfect double act. You start your viewing with a light dusting of satire, a few knowing jibes from Hislop and Merton about current events, then – wahey! – it’s time for filthy stand-up. By which time those refreshing beverages you allowed yourself earlier on will have lowered your defences enough to make pretty much anything fair game. Which is just as well.

This time it’s Sean Lock, Ed Byrne and Lee Nelson who take advantage of our benevolent haze with slick, likeable routines. The great thing about Lock is that you sense he doesn’t care too much if a bit of his act doesn’t work. When a sequence about Madonna’s dancing goes a bit flat, he pulls it back, partly by the unlikely device of having his Madonna speak in an Australian accent. And his routine on kids’ pirate parties is lovely. (“In a hundred years’ time will they all be dressed as terrorists?” he wonders.) Byrne does a long, clever cat-related routine. But Nelson gets the biggest laughs of all.


Sean Lock hosts the stand-up show recorded at London's Hammersmith Apollo, welcoming comedians to share their light-hearted views on modern life. Sean gives his take on female role models for his daughters, and introduces routines by Lee Nelson, who provides his views on street riots, and Irish funnyman Ed Byrne.

Cast & Crew

Host Sean Lock
Performer Ed Byrne
Performer Lee Nelson
Director Paul Wheeler
Executive Producer Addison Cresswell
Executive Producer Joe Norris
Executive Producer Andrew Beint
Series Producer Anthony Caveney
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