My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack


My Boy Jack, first shown in 2007, is the emblematic story of just one of the many young men who lost their lives amid the carnage of the First World War. The Jack of the title is Jack Kipling, only son of one of Britain’s most revered writers, Rudyard Kipling. David Haig, in an adaptation of his own stage play, is magnificent as the proud father who pulled all the right strings to get his boy into the army (Jack had terrible eyesight), then had to face awful guilt and sorrow when his son died at the Battle of Loos.

Daniel Radcliffe, as Jack, looks unbearably young and fresh-faced as he leaves for France – proud, brave, but also frightened. The real revelation, though, is Kim Cattrall as Jack’s mother Carrie, a formidable woman who never gave up hope, until presented with terrible evidence to the contrary, that her son would return home.


Daniel Radcliffe stars as Jack, the son of poet Rudyard Kipling who signed up for battle in the trenches of the First World War and never returned home. His parents, played by David Haig - who has adapted his own play - and Kim Cattrall (Sex and The City) searched for years to find out what became of their boy and in so doing changed attitudes to war.

Cast & Crew

Jack Kipling Daniel Radcliffe
Rudyard Kipling David Haig
Caroline Kipling Kim Cattrall
Elsie Kipling Carey Mulligan
King George V Julian Wadham
Guardsman McHugh Ruaidhri Conroy
Guardsman Doyle Laurence Kinlan
Guardsman Bowe Martin McCann
Director Brian Kirk
Executive Producer James Flynn
Executive Producer Douglas Rae
Producer Michael Casey
Writer David Haig
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