The Jury

Series 2 - Episode 3



Radio 4 Today host James Naughtie is one of The Jury’s more unexpected stars with a cameo appearance in every episode. It’s up to him to carry a highly unlikely plotline about Government demands for the complete abolition of trial by jury. This doesn’t really go anywhere and feels like a grafted on effort by writer Peter Morgan to put the jury’s deliberations at the trial of alleged serial killer Alan Lane into some kind of political context.

Lane himself (John Lynch) appears in the witness box tonight. He’s a strange man; both angry and prudish. It’s clear, too, that some jurors have already made up their minds about his guilt.


Watts cross-examines Howson, the man in charge of the investigation into Alan Lane, Tahir tells Jeffrey about his experience in Sudan, and Paul and Tasha grow closer over lunch. Katherine prepares to make a big decision and Kristina gets out of her depth when she goes to meet her internet date. Drama, starring Julie Walters, William Mannering, John Lynch, Steven Mackintosh and Lisa Dillon.

Cast & Crew

Emma Watts QC Julie Walters
John Mallory QC Roger Allam
Alan Lane John Lynch
Paul Brierley Steven Mackintosh
Katherine Bulmore Jodhi May
Jeffrey Livingstone Ronald Pickup
Tahir Takana Ivanno Jeremiah
Rashid Jarwar Aqib Khan
Lucy Cartwright Natalie Press
Kristina Bamford Branka Katic
Ann Skailes Jo Hartley
Derek Hatch Rory McCann
Brian Bundy Danny Babington
Tasha Williams Lisa Dillon
June Brierley Anne Reid
Theresa Vestry Sarah Alexander
High Court judge Iain Mitchell
Cmdr Howson William Mannering
Olive Livingstone Meg Wynn Owen
Rashid's mother Shobu Kapoor
Rashid's father Paul Bhattacharjee
Health worker Mercedes Grower
Dr Bryer Denise Gough
Tanning shop employee Melanie Cameron
Paramedic David Maybrick
Jury clerk Keith Parry
DI Bevan Martin Savage
Nurse Harvey Virdi
Aileen Turner Joy McBrinn
Canadian talk show host Eben Young
Anna Knight Elizabeth Conboy
Rebecca Cheung Charlotte Weston
Lewis Jenkins QC Jeremy Carter-Manning
Romeo Boy Nicholas Asbury
Radio presenter James Naughtie
Director Michael Offer
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Peter Morgan
Producer Lee Morris
Writer Peter Morgan
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