World War II: The Last Heroes

World War II: The Last Heroes

Series 1 - Episode 4



Listening to war veterans, now in their 80s, reliving their horrendous experiences or sadly describing the moment when their best friend died right next to them is so gripping, there really is no need to illustrate their recollections with staged explosions. But when there’s no archive footage available, that is what this series does.

In this episode, survivors of the operation to open up Allied supply routes via the port of Antwerp (many of them from the 101st Airborne Division, which featured in the series Band of Brothers) relate how they were cut off from reinforcements. “They told us ,‘They’ll be here tomorrow’, but tomorrow never came,” says one.


First-hand testimonies are used to recreate scenes from the Allies' arrival in Antwerp, where efforts to retake the city's port prompted the Germans to make use of their secret weapon - the V2 rocket. Two British veterans also recall their time in Arnhem, where they helped to secure bridges along the Rhine, but were heavily outnumbered by the enemy.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Paul Wooding
Series Producer Jeremy Llewllyn-Jones