Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Bi-Sexual

Series 8 - Episode 7 The Bi-Sexual



Talk-show host, comedian and vocal lesbian advocate of gay rights Rosie O’Donnell meets Larry David at a New York art gallery. It turns out they both fancy the same woman, and the object of their affections is stringing them along.

Cue a Larry David tirade about the selfishness of bisexuality (“Half the population isn’t enough for them?”), though that doesn’t stop him and O’Donnell pursuing this free-spirited temptress. David, however, is forced to admit that his rival has “the lesbian advantage”.

It’s the kind of wholly idiotic situation only Larry David would ever confront and it leads him into a vortex of barmy situations, including a fight with a sushi bar owner about the depth and sincerity of his “dismissive” ritual bow and an illustration of the dire consequences of a refusal to have lunch with an old man.


Larry discovers he and Rosie O'Donnell are attracted to the same woman - so Leon decides to boost his friend's chances by giving him an unfair advantage. However, Larry's new-found physical prowess attracts suspicion. Meanwhile, the writer's obsession with manners reaches new levels when he learns about Japanese bowing etiquette.

Cast & Crew

Himself Larry David
Jeff Greene Jeff Garlin
Leon JB Smoove
Herself Rosie O'Donnell
Jane Cohen Amy Landecker
Duckstein Alan Zweibel
Restaurant manager Andrew Pang
Director David Mandel
Writer Larry David
Writer Alec Berg
Writer Jeff Schaffer
Writer David Mandel
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