Series 4 - Episode 2 Grave



Vic arrests a teenage drug user before learning of his role in an armed robbery that left a shop manager dead. Dutch and Claudette investigate the rape of an HIV-positive prostitute, but Aceveda steals the security tape of the attack.

Cast & Crew

Vic Mackey Michael Chiklis
Monica Rawling Glenn Close
Danni Sofer Catherine Dent
Shane Vendrell Walton Goggins
Julien Lowe Michael Jace
Curtis Lemansky Kenneth Johnson
Dutch Wagenbach Jay Karnes
David Aceveda Benito Martinez
Claudette Wyms CCH Pounder
Corrine Mackey Cathy Cahlin Ryan
Ronnie Gardocki David Rees Snell
Armando Renta Michael Pena
ADA Beth Encardi Anna Maria Horsford
Steve Billings David Marciano
Antwon Mitchell Anthony Anderson
Halpern White Laurence Mason
Director Paris Barclay
Writer Kurt Sutter
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