The Experiments

Derren Brown: The Gameshow

Series 1 - Episode 2 Derren Brown: The Gameshow



He’s a clever fella, that Derren Brown. How does he do it? How should I know? Suffice to say he’s frighteningly good at suggestion and misdirection and you can be sure of an unsettling hour in the second of his new series of TV experiments.

Brown knows his psychology and here he puts his talents to good use as he turns himself into a game show host. It’s the jumping off point for a thoughtful look at the darkness that lurks within all of us. Using his usual armoury of stunts and suggestion Brown, the master, draws us in to show how easily we can be made to bend to another’s will.


The illusionist hosts a game show aimed at examining people's capacity for evil and whether belonging to a group affects a person's sense of right and wrong. Part of a series of large-scale social experiments that illustrate the extent to which behaviour can be manipulated.