Educating Essex

Educating Essex

Series 1 - Episode 5



Carrie and Ashleigh are best friends. But in a perfect storm of gossip, jealousy and hormones, their relationship suddenly implodes, and Ashleigh is left on the outside, isolated.

Anyone who has ever been to secondary school will feel the chill of recognition as they watch the girls operate with casual cruelty and calculation; kohl-eyed Carrie and her swarm of acolytes smirk and giggle as Ashleigh, weepy and baffled, tries to understand why she’s suddenly been frozen out.

It’s unclear where the cause of the rift lies, but it almost certainly has something to do with Ashleigh’s ex, smouldering Ben, a rooster-haired Sir Galahad who draws penises on school desks.


Two bubbly girls fall out and the argument looks set to disrupt other pupils in the classroom, as the teachers struggle to keep students focused on academic work and their futures. Meanwhile, a boy is determined to get his girlfriend back.