Fresh Meat

Series 1 - Episode 5



The self-consciousness of first-year students is a rich comedy seam and the writers of this series have mined it mercilessly. Now, we’re starting to wonder if we could have fewer scenes that turn on pure awkwardness - characters wincing and gabbling and saying things that come out wrong because they’re so busy trying to impress each other.

But just as the problem of diminishing returns rears its head the writers slay it by taking the characters on a trip - and a very funny one. All the housemates are off to a student protest march in London - even posh berk JP, who provides glorious fish-out-of-water comedy as he tries simultaneously to fit in with and escape the march, merrily braying “Class war! How awesome is this!”


The students attend a protest march in London, but politics take a backseat when Vod finds out about Oregon's affair with Shales, putting their friendship to the test, and Josie discovers Kingsley has been two-timing her with Ruth. Comedy, starring Joe Thomas, Kimberley Nixon, Charlotte Ritchie and Zawe Ashton.

Cast & Crew

JP Jack Whitehall
Kingsley Joe Thomas
Howard Greg McHugh
Josie Kimberley Nixon
Vod Zawe Ashton
Oregon Charlotte Ritchie
Professor Shales Tony Gardner
Brian Adam Gillen
Ruth Gemma Chan
Jerry Joe Van Moyland
Johnny Flame Gary Damer
Sal and Osy Ikhile-Rahsid Ruth Madely
Director Nick Wood
Executive Producer Sam Bain
Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Executive Producer Tony Wood
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Richard Pinto
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