Series 10 - Episode 5



Spooks is about to end for good, but surely it’s not too late to commission a spin-off featuring Home Secretary William Towers (Simon Russell Beale, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways). It could be called Home Secretary! and perhaps be accompanied by an action figure of Towers wearing a series of smart little suits and ties.

Towers is right in the thick of this penultimate episode when he confronts Harry Pearce over a spectacular error of judgement that has a most unfortunate outcome. Poor Harry – you can see that everything is slipping from his grasp: his job, his son and any hope of a future with his beloved, loyal Ruth. Indeed there’s a moment between the two of them that will have devoted Ruth and Harry “shippers” sighing into their embroidered sofa cushions. People, control yourselves.


Harry kidnaps Jim Coaver and interrogates him about the recent attacks, but he soon realises the CIA deputy-director could be innocent. Before he can plan his next move, the Americans arrive to liberate their boss, at which point Coaver gives his old friend one final clue - vital evidence can be found on a laptop at the US Embassy, requiring Harry's team to steal the computer from under the noses of their fellow spies.

Cast & Crew

Harry Pearce Peter Firth
Ruth Evershed Nicola Walker
Dimitri Levendis Max Brown
Erin Watts Lara Pulver
Calum Reed Geoffrey Streatfeild
Sasha Gavrik Tom Weston-Jones
Elena Gavrik Alice Krige
Ilya Gavrik Jonathan Hyde
Home Secretary (W Towers) Simon Russell Beale
Jim Coaver William Hope
Officer Glenn Jeff Mash
Tom Defoe Rick Kissack
Richard Croft John Warnaby
US Embassy Secretary Laurel Lefkow
US Marine Tommy Campbell
Young Harry Sam Reid
Young Elena Jenni Herzberg
Young Sasha Ashton Callow
Director Bharat Nalluri
Producer Chris Fry
Writer Anthony Neilson
Writer Jonathan Brackley
Writer Sam Vincent
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