Planet Dinosaur

New Giants

Series 1 - Episode 5 New Giants



It’s the turn of the big boys this week. I mean, really big. An argentinosaurus, for instance, weighed 75 tons and at its peak grew 40 kilos a day. That’s a heck of a lot of plant eating. Almost every dino is accompanied by an oversized fact: a vertebra from an argentinosaurus was the same height as a human being; a fossilised dinosaur footprint contained the bones of 18 animals that died after falling into it.

Those of us who like a bit of action with our stats won’t be disappointed either, because a giant killer called mapusaurus was the argentinosaurus’s South American neighbour.


The documentary series focuses on the heavyweights of the dinosaur world, creatures that have only been unearthed in recent years. The 125ft-long Argentinosaurus, which roamed South America 95 million years ago, was the creature that eclipsed all others - and remains the largest dinosaur ever discovered. For years, these colossal plant-eaters were considered immune to attack from any predator - until the discovery of new giant killer the mapusaurus, whose fate was inextricably linked to the Argentinosaurus.

Cast & Crew

Narrator John Hurt
Executive Producer Andrew Cohen
Series Producer Nigel Paterson