Junior Doctors: One Year Check Up

Junior Doctors: One Year Check Up


Twelve months after the widely watched docusoap was first broadcast, we catch up with the seven young subjects of the series. Disappointingly all we get is a highlights package of the most memorable moments, with Suzi, Adam, Jon, Lucy, Katherine, Andy and Keir adding their commentary and reflections. Luckily they’re a likeable bunch, and there’s such an easy rapport within the group, that it’s a charming, warm-hearted affair.

Suzi was one of the series’ strongest characters, and this offers the chance to remember why she will always be “the one with the toilet brush”, and why Jon describes her bedroom as a “pink version of Basra”.


The newly qualified doctors featured in the series gather to discuss what they have learnt. First years Adam Beaini, Katherine Conroy and Lucy Holmes recall the struggles they faced when they started working on the wards, and second years Jon Barclay, Suzi Batchelor, Andy Kong and Keir Shiels reflect on the challenges the past year has presented.