Mount Pleasant

Series 1 - Episode 7



Barry and Sue prepare for their 40th anniversary, but the impression of enduring marital bliss slips when Jack persistently tries to talk about an intimate moment they shared. Meanwhile, Kate has a heart-to-heart with Dan, and Denise tells Fergus she is having the baby alone and only wants him to keep her job open. Plus, Emma calls time on Greg's loan, and Shelley discovers he was not really mugged.

Cast & Crew

Lisa Sally Lindsay
Dan Daniel Ryan
Sue Pauline Collins
Barry Bobby Ball
Shelley Angela Griffin
Denise Ainsley Howard
Jack Owen McConnell
Bianca Sian Reeves
Kate Liza Tarbuck
Pauline Paula Wilcox
Emma Jill Halfpenny
Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise
Writer Sarah Hooper
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