Friend of the Devil - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 3 Friend of the Devil - Part One



Do we watch crime dramas from a need to see the darkest horrors played out on screen? If so, the Banks saga doesn’t disappoint.

In tonight’s opening scene we see a terribly scarred, paralysed young woman in a wheelchair pushed up a bleak hill to have her throat cut. At which point you may decide that a swift pint is more the thing. But stick around, because grim as it is, the story unfolds well, as Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) pursues his usual pit-bull-in-a-tea-shop approach of angrily accusing one suspect after another of murder.

What thickens the plot is that he’s on the case of a student raped and strangled in a back alley, while Annie (Andrea Lowe) investigates the moorland killing. We know their two cases will turn out to be linked, but we don’t know how.


Part one of two. Cabbot investigates when a woman is found murdered on the moors. As the identity of the victim is established, it becomes apparent any number of suspects may have had a reason to want her dead. Meanwhile, Banks is called in when the body of a teenage girl is discovered in a storage room down an alleyway. Stephen Tompkinson and Andrea Lowe star.

Cast & Crew

DCI Banks Stephen Tompkinson
DS Annie Cabbot Andrea Lowe
DS Winsome Jackman Lorraine Burroughs
DC Ken Blackstone Jack Deam
CS Rydell Colin Tierney
DC Kevin Templeton Tom Shaw
Timothy Randall Ian Bartholomew
Grace Di Botcher
Dina Howarth Gail Burland
Claire Naylor Joanna Burnett
Dr Elizabeth Waring Raquel Cassidy
Gareth Todd David Corden
Geoff Daniels Tim Dantay
Malcolm Austin Michael Maloney
Chelsea Pilton Sarah Beck Mather
Donna Daniels Susan Mitchell
Lucy Payne Charlotte Riley
Jamie Morden Morgan Watkins
Stuart Kinsey Ian Weichardt
Dr Burns Robert Wilcox
Hotel receptionist Claire Eden
Solicitor Sian Webber
Director Bill Anderson
Executive Producer Andy Harries
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Stephen Smallwood
Writer Laurence Davey
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