Natural World: Jungle Gremlins of Java

Natural World: Jungle Gremlins of Java

Series 30



Click onto YouTube and type in “tickling loris”. You’ll be in good company. Millions of people around the world have already done so and chuckled at what’s followed. But it’s no laughing matter for the beguiling, wide-eyed slow loris. As the first programme in a new series of Natural World makes clear, internet fame is killing the cutesy jungle gremlin.

British expert Anna Nekaris travels to Java to search for the elusive primate and she declares the jungle dead. Instead, she finds them being openly sold on the streets of Jakarta – the teeth that protect them against other predators crudely ripped out by traders to make them owner-friendly. YouTube adoration means the slow loris now fetches as much as $2,500 in Japan and Russia. Nekaris struggles to retain her composure. You’ll almost certainly share her sense of disgust and anger.


Primatologist Dr Anna Nekaris travels to the Indonesian island of Java to investigate the slow loris, a creature often considered cute, but possessing a deadly toxic bite unusual in a primate. Heading deeper into the jungle to find out more about its lethal capabilities, she makes a surprising discovery.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Anna Nekaris
Director Steve Gooder
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Series Producer Steve Greenwood