15 Kids and Counting

Sibling Rivalry

Series 1 - Episode 2 Sibling Rivalry



The parents of both the supersized families in this film are very open about the problems caused by having so many kids. Donna and Fabian’s blended family of ten children crammed into a three-bedroom house creates constant tension. Added to the lack of privacy, the Blands have money worries: they get through mountains of food a week and Fabian, a brilliant dad, recently lost his job.

Pete and Tracy have 13 children — all girls bar one, which in itself causes rivalry between the sisters, but which is compounded by Tracy encouraging them to compete against each other in beauty pageants. It’s not like the Waltons.


The problems caused by sibling rivalry in large families, including a Bournemouth couple whose 12 daughters compete in beauty pageants - sometimes against one another. The programme follows mother Tracey as she prepares her children for contests and parades, and explores the effect that competition has on them. The film also features the Blands, a family containing children from different relationships who are struggling to live together harmoniously.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Donna Clark
Series Producer Rachel Crellin