Series 6 - Episode 4 Solihull



Melinda Messenger heads for the West Midlands to meet Solihull single mum Jamuna, who spent £11,000 on converting her house to accommodate her seriously ill mother. The builder she hired was hardly ever on site, and eight weeks into the build he was dismissed. However, he left behind a half-finished extension riddled with structural problems, and Melinda and the team quickly discover they will have to work hard to fix the mess. Meanwhile, Dominic Littlewood sets out on the trail of the man responsible, and discovers he has been using a string of aliases and trading names in an effort to cover up his dubious working record.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dominic Littlewood
Presenter Melinda Messenger
Director Esella Hawkey
Producer Esella Hawkey
Series Producer Dave Mackay
Education Property