Law & Order: UK


Series 6 - Episode 3 Haunted



A robber on the run is hit by a car and, dying in hospital, makes a whispered confession to Ronnie. He says he murdered a teenage girl 14 years ago, a case where Ronnie secured the conviction of the girl’s father. The fact that the latter is played by Tim McInnerny is good news; he adds gravitas to the tale, in a hard role to play.

He’s not the only good guest star: Tom Georgeson plays Ronnie’s old partner, from back when Ronnie was an alcoholic. And memory lane is never a happy place, where Ronnie’s concerned. “The more we look into this,” he sighs, “the more I’m certain we got the wrong bloke.” So who is the right one?


Brooks is forced to reopen a 14-year-old case when a dying crack addict confesses to the murder of teenager Amanda Bennet, a crime for which her father Simon (guest star Tim McInnerny) was originally convicted. Brooks becomes torn between the belief of his former partner Bernie Rawlins and mounting doubts over the ability of current colleague Casey, and the case unearths the possibility that more ghosts from his drinking days will come back to haunt him. Starring Bradley Walsh and Paul Nicholls.

Cast & Crew

Ronnie Brooks Bradley Walsh
Sam Casey Paul Nicholls
Natalie Chandler Harriet Walter
Jacob Thorne Dominic Rowan
Alesha Phillips Freema Agyeman
Henry Sharpe Peter Davison
Simon Bennet Tim McInnerny
Bernard Rawlins Tom Georgeson
Philip Nevins Pip Torrens
Justice Prentice Paul Darrow
Ricky Phelps Mel Raido
Andy Phelps Jay Simpson
Jimmy O'Doherty Andrew Beck
John O'Doherty John Ashton
Phillipa Eldridge Naomi Allisstone
Neil McDonald Jack Fortune
PC Hutchins Lachlan McCall
Lilly Adjoa Andoh
Joanne Iris Roberts
Laura Mia Mackie
Director Mat King
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Suzie Smith
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