Hosanna Roseanna

Series 2 - Episode 1 Hosanna Roseanna



David E Kelley’s quirky law drama — does he make any other sort? — returns with a pep in its step, as harrumphing defence attorney Harry (Harriet) Korn (the marvellous Kathy Bates) expands her practice, taking on more staff and moving office out of her assistant’s fine shoes store. She is also handed a seemingly unwinnable case: a vile rich man (a great turn by Alfred Molina) stands accused of murdering his wife after fantasising about it in his journal. It’s a case that’s going to run though the series, and provides some cracking courtroom scenes.


The lawyer agrees to defend a man accused of killing his wife, pitting her against DA Roseanna Remmick, while new associate Cassie represents an artist who is accusing a purchaser of altering a painting. Drama, guest starring Alfred Molina and Jean Smart, with Kathy Bates and Karen Olivo.