What Lies Beneath

Series 13 - Episode 170 What Lies Beneath



Akono Mezu (Emmanuel Idowu), the Nigerian medical student who’s staying with Mrs Tembe, certainly had an eyebrow-raising introduction to the staff at the Mill yesterday. So it’s a brave decision to let Jack give him
a taste of student life.

Unfortunately, the first person they meet is Jack’s uni friend Sarah (Kate Malyon). Although it’s only mid-morning she’s drunk and out of control. However, when a shell-shocked Akono finds out the reason for her behaviour, it makes him question his beliefs and even consider returning home. Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe takes Zara’s side as the baby scan row escalates.


Akono eagerly awaits his first taste of student life, but a shocking revelation forces him to question his beliefs. Karen faces her fears in a hill-rolling challenge, and the stand-off between Zara and Daniel reaches new levels. Medical drama, starring Emmanuel Idowu and Jan Pearson.