When Ali Came to Britain

When Ali Came to Britain


Three-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali was a frequent visitor to Britain.This documentary, first broadcast on the eve of his 70th birthday in January 2012, is a celebration of those visits. Naturally, it’s packed with pugilists, and it also has Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee and Henry Cooper’s son. Yet the best moments promise to come in the memories of others, such as Mohamed Hussein, who recalls Ali’s visit to his South Shields mosque.


Documentary focusing on Muhammad Ali's relationship with Britain, featuring contributions by those who met him on his many visits. Yorkshireman Richard Dunn describes what it was like to face the boxer in his prime, and talks about the hero's welcome he received in his native Bradford after he had been soundly beaten. TV presenter Dickie Davies discusses An Audience with Muhammad Ali in 1974, which he hosted, and Mohamed Hussein recalls the time Ali and his wife had their marriage blessed at his South Shields mosque in 1977. First shown in 2012.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Harewood
Contributor Dickie Davies
Director Gareth Williams
Executive Producer Mark Robinson
Producer Gareth Williams