Despicable Dick: Storyville

Despicable Dick: Storyville



Storyville has an unmatched ability for shining a light into obscure corners of human experience. Meet 68-year-old Dick Kuchera, for instance. He’s from Dakota and he’s been in the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step recovery programme for 20 years.

But he’s stuck on steps eight and nine – that’s the bit where you make a list of people you’ve wronged and try to make amends. Now we join him on the road as he delves into his past.


Premiere. Documentary following recovering alcoholic Dick Kuchera, who is trying to put things right after 50 years of drunkenness, infidelity and betrayals. Now preferring to be called Richard, he sets off on a road trip across America to visit everyone he has ever wronged, including mistresses, ex-wives, neglected children and the bride he left at the altar, hoping to make amends for his past misdeeds.