Hunting Party

Series 2 - Episode 2 Hunting Party



How often have we seen a suspicious rich guy get an investigator thrown off a case because he happens to be a friend of the mayor? This time, it’s Megan’s turn to be blackballed when a millionaire makes a complaint after a claim that he shot his new trophy wife while out hunting deer.

Of course, nothing is as it seems and after obligatory twists at the 20- and 40-minute stages, the solution turns out to be genuinely surprising.


The newlywed wife of a tycoon is shot dead while they are out hunting deer. Megan discovers the victim was pregnant and notices scratch marks on the husband's neck, leading her to accuse him of the murder. When it turns out the man is a close friend of the mayor, Kate has no option but to pull Megan off the case, which does nothing to improve their relationship.

Cast & Crew

Megan Hunt Dana Delany
Kate Murphy Jeri Ryan
Bud Morris John Carroll Lynch
Peter Dunlop Nicholas Bishop
Samantha Baker Sonja Sohn
Ethan Gross Geoffrey Arend
Curtis Brumfield Windell D Middlebrooks
Lacey Fleming Mary Mouser
Todd Fleming Jeffrey Nordling
Martin Loeb Jay Karnes
Alexandra Loeb Jessica Tuck
Alan Wright Alex Fernandez
Erika Loeb Natalie Floyd
Thomas Loeb Joey Adams
Julie Loeb Isabella Grace
Director Paul Holahan
Executive Producer Christopher Murphey
Executive Producer Matthew Gross
Executive Producer Sunil Nayar
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