Series 1 - Episode 3 Europe



If you wanted to be super-critical, you might say parts of this series tend to look a bit like a lavish coffee-table book brought to life. Or that when we see cranes flying over a château in the Loire and geese gliding over a romantic Scottish ruin, the photography is so exquisite that it all starts to look a little, well, staged.

But really, it feels wrong to grumble. What we get is “our planet as never before”, as David Tennant reminds us at the start of each episode. Slow-motion shots of white horses charging through floodwaters in the Camargue, seen through a flock of flamingos, are staggering, even if they look as if they should be in an Enya video.

And there’s enough of the rough stuff, of nature red in beak and talon, to add a bit of edge to the proceedings: a golden eagle mobbed by crows; sand martins plucking mayflies from a sunlit river; and incredible footage of ospreys fishing in Finland. Plus, you’ll learn what it means for a stork to “whiffle”.


A bird's-eye view of Europe, including the migration routes of cranes and storks toward the continent, the spectacle of 20 million starlings over Rome, and the hunting techniques of sand martins in Hungary. Plus, at Bass Rock, gannets dive in search of food, and geese land in Svalbard to raise their chicks. Narrated by David Tennant.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Producer Philip Dalton
Series Producer John Downer