The Mystery of Edwin Drood

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Series 1 - Episode 2



After an unprepossessing first episode, this suddenly springs to life to become a Dickensian thriller. Though it’s not The Bourne Identity, the pace dramatically picks up as embittered choirmaster Jasper (Matthew Rhys) weeps and moans in apparent torment after his terrible deed. But he’s a creep and a stalker, leering at Rosa (Tamzin Merchant) and trying to convince her that it is he, and not Edwin, who should be the love of her life. Naturally, horrified Rosa resists his bold advances.

Dickens’s novel was unfinished, but Gwyneth Hughes neatly ties together loose ends with a resolution that works well, even though it’s possibly a bit too tidy.


Jasper awakes in the gatehouse and to his horror sees the black scarf wound tightly round his hands, reminding him of the murderous events of the night before. Despite his feelings of guilt, as the weeks pass he seeks solace in his passion for Rosa Bud - but as he begins to reach for his prize, the Rev Crisparkle and Bazzard are following a trail of evidence to the cathedral crypt that may yet seal the choirmaster's fate. Conclusion of the period thriller based on Charles Dickens' unfinished final novel, starring Matthew Rhys and Tamzin Merchant.

Cast & Crew

John Jasper Matthew Rhys
Rev Crisparkle Rory Kinnear
Rosa Bud Tamzin Merchant
Helena Landless Amber Rose Revah
Neville Landless Sacha Dhawan
Mr Grewgious Alun Armstrong
Bazzard David Dawson
Deputy Alfie Davis
Durdles Ron Cook
Mayor Sapsea Ian McNeice
Mrs Crisparkle Julia McKenzie
Princess Puffer Ellie Haddington
Miss Twinkleton Janet Dale
Maid Josie Farmiloe
Omnibus driver Edward Dogliani
Attendant Chris Twiselton
Director Diarmuid Lawrence
Executive Producer Anne Pivcevic
Producer Lisa Osborne
Writer Gwyneth Hughes
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