One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Series 3 - Episode 1



Take a great big gulp of gas and air, because this award-winning observational series really packs a punch. It’s not so much the screaming and unflinching depiction of the physical reality of labour but the emotion of it all. If the moment of birth doesn’t get you welling up, the sight of an astounded young dad holding his newborn for the first time should.

In the first film of this latest series, set in the maternity ward of Leeds General Infirmary, 40 remote cameras follow two young couples who are especially anxious the dad doesn’t miss the birth. Shaun is off on a six-month tour of Afghanistan in 48 hours and really wants to see his child before he goes. His bubbly partner Donna is determined he will. Meanwhile Kurt, 20, sees becoming a father as a turning point in his previously troubled life but when there are complications, his immaturity is still apparent with an agitated four-letter-word rant.

The midwives are calm and cheery throughout, although one does say, with just a hint of sarcasm, “How you men cope with all this, I’ll never know!”


A soldier learns he may miss the imminent birth of his daughter, as he only has 48 hours before returning to the Army. Another man is determined to put his wayward days behind him and be present when his son is born, but after his partner experiences complications during labour, she must decide whether her boyfriend or mother accompanies her into the operating theatre.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Peter Moore
Series Director David Brindley
Series Producer Dominique Foster