American Horror Story: Murder House: Rubber Man

American Horror Story: Murder House: Rubber Man

Series 1



I fear I am a lonely voice in the dark when it comes to American Horror Story, which has failed to win the rabid cult following over here that it deserves. Never mind, it’s still one of the best supernatural dramas of recent years – kinky, bizarre, gruesome and theatrical.

As we return to the Murder House, poor, hounded, pregnant-with-the-devil Vivien is being driven round the bend by some persistent and wicked ghosts. Meanwhile, the deranged woman abortionist from the 1920s roams the corridors moaning, “Where’s my baby?” And the volcanic gay couple who were murdered find their relationship problems can’t be solved by a rubber fetish suit.


The enigmatic man in the rubber suit makes his presence felt as his origins are unveiled. Meanwhile, Hayden conspires to rob Vivien of her unborn children. Psychological thriller, starring Kate Mara and Connie Britton.

Cast & Crew

Ben Harmon Dylan McDermott
Vivien Harmon Connie Britton
Tate Langdon Evan Peters
Violet Harmon Taissa Farmiga
Larry Harvey Denis O'Hare
Constance Jessica Lange
Hayden McClaine Kate Mara
Chad Warwick Zachary Quinto
Moira Frances Conroy
Nora Montgomery Lily Rabe
Patrick Teddy Sears
Marcy Christine Estabrook
Chad's therapist Kathleen Rose Perkins
Gary Richard Short
Fiona Azura Skye
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