Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



Indie flick darling Zooey Deschanel stars in this feisty comedy, which has already proved a hit in the US. She plays 20-something teacher Jess who moves into a flat with three single men after an embarrassing (rib-tickling) breakup.

Cue gender gags galore as Jess snivels on the sofa watching Dirty Dancing on repeat to the alarm of her new flatmates: equally lovelorn bartender Nick; lawyer and ladies’ man Schmidt; and Coach, a personal trainer with a serious temper.

Deschanel steals the show as delightfully zany Jess, who’s either saying the wrong thing or breaking into song for no apparent reason.


A woman moves into an apartment with three single men following a traumatic break-up with her long-term boyfriend. However, her personality quirks and unorthodox approach to romance soon cause friction with her new flatmates - though they come to realise they need one another more than they anticipated. In the first episode, Jess's new friends help her get back into the dating game. Pilot episode of the comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel.

Cast & Crew

Jess Day Zooey Deschanel
Nick Miller Jake Johnson
Schmidt Max Greenfield
Coach Damon Wayans Jr
Cece Hannah Simone
Director Jake Kasdan
Executive Producer Liz Meriwether
Executive Producer Jake Kasdan
Executive Producer Peter Chernin
Executive Producer Katherine Pope
Executive Producer Dave Finkel
Executive Producer Brett Baer
Writer Liz Meriwether
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