Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Series 1 - Episode 2



Orphaned Pip (the distractingly beautiful Douglas Booth) is a grown man, sent to London by his mysterious benefactor to become a gentleman. As the second episode of Sarah Phelps’s superb adaptation of the Dickens classic opens, he is working for flinty lawyer Mr Jaggers (a sonorous David Suchet).

But Pip remains obsessed by Miss Havisham’s cold adopted daughter, Estella. Even as he eases into London society, he is haunted by the memory of his one and only love. But he has a rival for her affections, the sneering Bentley Drummel (super Tom Burke), who goads Pip about his unknown origins: “I know exactly who you are. You are not one of us.”


Herbert Pocket takes Pip under his wing and tries to turn him into a gentleman, but the youngster's expensive taste sees him racking up debts, and his spending spirals farther out of control when he meets the charming and confident baronet Bentley Drummle. Miss Havisham asks Pip to visit her at Satis House, keen to see his transformation first-hand. With Douglas Booth, Harry Lloyd and Gillian Anderson.

Cast & Crew

Abel Magwitch Ray Winstone
Pip Douglas Booth
Miss Havisham Gillian Anderson
Jaggers David Suchet
Pumblechook Mark Addy
Mrs Joe Claire Rushbrook
Estella Vanessa Kirby
Denby Paul Rhys
Wemmick Paul Ritter
Herbert Pocket Harry Lloyd
Dolge Orlick Jack Roth
Mrs Brandley Frances Barber
Bentley Drummle Tom Burke
Director Brian Kirk
Executive Producer Anne Pivcevic
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Producer George Ormond
Writer Sarah Phelps
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