The Toys That Made Christmas

The Toys That Made Christmas


Fed up with seeing games consoles and iPods unwrapped? Hankering for the days when toys were toys? Then watch this for a sharp pang of die-cast nostalgia. It’s a portrait of old-school desirables such as Matchbox cars, Spirograph sets and Subbuteo.

One contributor tells how his mother (“a game gal”) started a gasket factory in her garden to help the war effort; to keep her workers’ children happy she gave them bits of felt and place mats to play with, and right there was born the joy of Fuzzy Felt.


Robert Webb takes a light-hearted look back at playthings of the past, offering fortysomethings the chance to reminisce about the days before PlayStations, laptops and iPods. It was a more innocent time when Fuzzy-Felt and Spirograph brought out the artist in everyone, girls spent hours with Barbie and boys were engrossed in trying to bolt together their impossibly fiddly Meccano models - to name just four of the toys mentioned.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Robert Webb
Executive Producer Caroline Wright
Producer Suzannah Wander