A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol


Ross Kemp plays loan shark Eddie Scrooge, whose legendary cruelty strikes fear into the hearts of the poor borrowers who live on his crumbling estate. Anticipating a profitable Christmas Day - when his clients will all be at home - he is shocked, and none too pleased, by the appearance the night before of his deceased business partner Jacob Marley. Worse still, the grim ghost is on a mission to show Eddie the error of his ways in a terrifying journey through the past, present and future. Also starring Warren Mitchell, Ray Fearon and Liz Smith.

Cast & Crew

Eddie Scrooge Ross Kemp
Marley Ray Fearon
Eddie's dad Warren Mitchell
Joyce Liz Smith
Bella Angeline Ball
Bob Cratchett Michael Maloney
Sue Cratchett Lorraine Ashbourne
Julie Mina Anwar
Young Eddie Eric Byrne
Dave Scrooge Daniel Ainsleigh
Jude Joanne McIntosh
Ellie Claudie Blakley
Director Catherine Morshead
Executive Producer Jo Wright
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Joshua St Johnston
Writer Peter Bowker
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