You Have Been Watching - David Croft

You Have Been Watching - David Croft


The working title for this was The Man Who Made Dad’s Army: what a wonderful epitaph that is. A glorious mix of characters and elements, Dad’s Army will live for ever. The show’s co-creator, David Croft, made us love and laugh at the Home Guard’s superannuated soldiers. Rheumatic, croup-stricken, effete or miserly, each one was a hero.

That show alone guarantees him comedy immortality, but producer/writer Croft had many hitcoms, from concert-party campery in It Ain’t Half Hot Mum to shop-floor shenanigans in Are You Being Served? This tribute to Croft, who died in September 2011, salutes a bona fide comedy connoisseur.


From Dad's Army to 'Allo 'Allo!, Are You Being Served? to Hi-de-Hi! - David Croft, who died in 2011, co-wrote them all - along with Jimmy Perry and Jeremy Lloyd - introducing such memorable characters as Captain Mainwaring, Rene Artois, Mr Humphries and Ted Bovis to the world. This documentary pays tribute to the screenwriter, with contributions from friends, family and colleagues, and clips from many of his shows. Narrated by Dilly Barlow.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Dilly Barlow
Contributor Clive Dunn
Contributor Gorden Kaye
Contributor Miranda Hart
Executive Producer Caroline Wright
Producer Alexandra Briscoe
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