Law & Order: Los Angeles


Series 1 - Episode 1 Hollywood



Attempts to establish the California credentials of this latest spin-off are immediately apparent: New York ghettos have been replaced with exclusive nightclubs, the crimes take place behind the gates of Hollywood mansions and tips come from gossip websites. But despite such surface changes, this is standard Law & Order — the case is still “ripped from the headlines” (tonight’s opener is inspired by the Bling Ring robberies that targeted such celebs as Paris Hilton) and screen time remains clearly divided between cop-shop
and courthouse.

On the legal side, Alfred Molina adds gravitas as an assistant DA, while police investigator Skeet Ulrich is partnered by Corey Stoll, a man whose luxuriant moustache is worthy of a 1970s porn star.


Jaruszalski and Morales investigate when thieves known to be part of a crime ring turn their attention away from robbery and toward assault and murder. A spoiled young actress is suspected of being involved, her role being to keep the victims entertained and out of their houses while the rest of the gang gets to work. Crime drama, starring Corey Stoll and Alfred Molina.

Cast & Crew

Det Tomas `TJ' Jaruszalski Corey Stoll
Deputy DA Ricardo Morales Alfred Molina
Deputy DA Jonah `Joe' Dekker Terrence Howard
Arleen Gonzales Rachel Ticotin
Connie Rubirosa Alana De La Garza
Evelyn Price Regina Hall
Lauren Stanton Megan Boone
Chelsea Sennett Danielle Panabaker
Trudy Sennett Shawnee Smith
Frank Loomis Jim Beaver
Sam Loomis Wyatt Russell
Director Allen Coulter
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Rene Balcer
Executive Producer Christopher Misiano
Executive Producer Peter Jankovski
Executive Producer Blake Masters
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