It's April Fools' Day 1982 and while Argentina invades the Falklands, an island much closer to home, Anglesey, begins to float away into the Irish Sea and beyond... Well, that's according to Hugh Hughes, the narrator and main character in this gently amusing fantasy, whose attempt to leave the isle and start a new life is thwarted as the Menai Bridge collapses to the strains of Carmina Burana.

It's like a maritime Passport to Pimlico, with the locals relishing their unexpected autonomy and selecting a leader, but the thrust of the story is that no matter how far you roam, the ties to home remain. Even if the fancifulness gets tiresome towards the end - an army of whales creates a huge ripple effect to propel Anglesey towards the Gulf Stream - the performances are likeable enough.


By Hugh Hughes. The author and his friend Sioned Rowlands look back on the extraordinary geographical events of April 1982 when the Isle of Anglesey floated away from mainland Wales into the north Atlantic. Fantasy, with Shôn Dale-Jones and Jill Norman.

Cast & Crew

Actor Shôn Dale-Jones
Actor Sioned Rowlands
Actor Jill Norman
Producer James Robinson
Writer Hugh Hughes