The Nativity

The Nativity


Joseph still cannot accept Mary's explanation for her pregnancy, and as the neighbours turn against her, she is in danger of being stoned - so Joachim begs his son-in-law to take her to safety in Bethlehem. Meanwhile, the arrival of the Magi on Herod's borders makes him suspicious and he sends his emissary Nicolaus to discover the reason for their mission - but they are wary of revealing the truth to a king with Herod's reputation. Andrew Buchan and Tatiana Maslany star, with Peter Capaldi, Jack Shepherd, Obi Abili, Vincent Regan and Art Malik.

Cast & Crew

Joseph Andrew Buchan
Balthasar Peter Capaldi
Mary Tatiana Maslany
Melchior Jack Shepherd
Gaspar Obi Abili
Nicolaus Art Malik
Herod Vincent Regan
Gabriel John Lynch
Anna Claudie Blakley
Elizabeth Frances Barber
Joachim Neil Dudgeon
Thomas the shepherd Al Weaver
Leah Ruth Negga
Levi Gawn Grainger
Executive Producer Tony Jordan
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer Bethan Jones
Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts
Writer Tony Jordan
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