The Nativity

Series 1 - Episode 1



Tony Jordan gives the biblical story a contemporary twist in this four-part drama. Nazareth girl Mary counts her blessings when her parents, Joachim and Anna, arrange her betrothal to a local carpenter, Joseph. In the East, the three Magi gather to discuss a prophecy in the stars heralding a great event. Andrew Buchan and Tatiana Maslany star, with Neil Dudgeon, Claudie Blakley, Peter Capaldi and Jack Shepherd.

Cast & Crew

Mary Tatiana Maslany
Joseph Andrew Buchan
Joachim Neil Dudgeon
Balthasar Peter Capaldi
Gabriel John Lynch
Anna Claudie Blakley
Levi Gawn Grainger
Gaspar Obi Abili
Melchior Jack Shepherd
Thomas Al Weaver
Leah Ruth Negga
Tax collector Howard Samuels
Bethlehem Rabbi Ken Bones
Elizabeth Frances Barber
Director Coky Giedroyc
Producer Ruth Kenley-Letts
Writer Tony Jordan
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