Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas

Kirstie and Phil's Perfect Christmas

Series 1 - Episode 2



First shown last year, this twinkly series brings Phil Spencer into Kirstie Allsopp’s world of hand-made fancy and folderol. When he’s not strapping his pinny on to create a silk velvet scarf for his wife, he’s dispensing advice on trees and testing time-saving domestic gadgets. Kirstie does her part by making gingerbread for Santa and perfume — “Kirstie No 1” — for her friends.

After the previous episode's children’s party, the aim today is to create a little magic for the grown-ups with a party awash with pear martinis and eggnog, and hung with red chilli wreaths and fairy lights. As harmless aspirational escapism goes, it’s all pretty addictive.


Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer provide advice on throwing Christmas parties for adults, with tips on how to create a sophisticated mood without skimping on indulgences. The pair demonstrate how to put together cocktails and canapes, as well as customised gift bags containing perfume and lip balm.