In Deep

Series 3 - Episode 4 In Deep

Fri 1 Dec 11:05pm - 12:40am ITV3


An engraved hip flask found beside human remains in a lake leads Janine to a once-successful architect who is now confined to an institution. The ensuing investigation uncovers male rivalries that indicate the man may have good reason to hide his fear behind the pretence of madness. Crime drama, guest starring Jeremy Sheffield, with Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey.

Cast & Crew

DCI Janine Lewis Caroline Quentin
DI Richard Mayne Ian Kelsey
DS Butchers Paul Loughran
DS Shap Nicholas Murchie
DC Goddard Rhea Bailey
Paul Cochran Jeremy Sheffield
Gavin Busby Danny Sapani
Barr Jason Watkins
Kevin Robertson Ciaran Griffiths
Lindy Day Julie Brown
Pete Lewis Joe Tucker
Michael Lewis Geoff Bretton
Tom Lewis Ceallach Spellman
Ellie Lewis Eden Garrity
Charlotte Lewis Rosanna and Caitlin Brett
Artur Aleksander Mikic
Ann Cochran Rachel Fielding
Adrian Hammill Robert Longden
Pathologist Rina Mahoney
Head teacher William Travis
Sergeant Steve Garti
Carson Robert Maxfield
Tina Jude Vause
Head waiter Guy Warburton
Solicitor Ash Tandon
Director Menhaj Huda
Producer Gina Cronk
Writer Colin MacDonald
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