Strike Back: Project Dawn

Strike Back: Project Dawn

Series 2



So there’s a mole inside Section 20, but before we can work out who, there’s plenty of time for more shoot-‘em-up action. In Cape Town, the hunt goes on for terrorist Latif and his associates. And a new threat has entered the picture: ex-IRA man Daniel Connolly (a menacing Liam Cunningham), who’s after a weapons contractor’s secrets and will stop at nothing to get them. Mind you, that doesn’t stop him having angry sex and talking about his dreams with his honeytrap sidekick.He’s got history with Colonel Grant, and he’s soon got his hands on an undercover Scott, who’s spotted a possible link to his own experiences in Iraq. It’s a bad-tempered episode: everyone’s snippy, and even the po-faced Stonebridge is getting twitchily trigger-happy.


A former IRA terrorist and his two allies hijack a van full of cash and kill the driver before retrieving top-secret information from a defence contractor. Grant tries to intercept the threat by sending Scott undercover to the meeting point, but an encounter with an attractive woman compromises the mission.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Col Eleanor Grant Amanda Mealing
Kate Marshall Eva Birthistle
Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
Oliver Sinclair Rhashan Stone
Maj Jamal Ashkani Jimi Mistry
Daniel Connolly Liam Cunningham
Neve Orla O'Rourke
Teague Brian Milligan
Kenneth Bratton Alastair Petrie
Director Bill Eagles
Director Paul Wilmshurst
Director Alex Holmes
Director Dan Percival
Executive Producer Andy Harries
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