Comedy Lab: Anna & Katy

Episode 1 Comedy Lab: Anna & Katy



Standing out among C4/E4’s slew of comedy pilots is this sketch show, which must surely lead to a full series. Anna Crilly and Katy Wix (doesn’t Crilly & Wix have a better ring to it?) are superb performers who just are funny, getting as many laughs in between the lines as from the gags themselves. There are hints of Absolutely and That Mitchell & Webb Look in sketches such as a WI cooking contest with an emotionally fragile hostess, two cheerful daytime TV presenters who inexplicably have Jamaican accents, and a pointing-based quiz hosted by Eamonn Holmes.


Sketch show starring double act Anna Crilly and Katy Wix. Featuring the most popular soap opera in Germany and Eamonn Holmes's latest game show Pointer, plus a guest appearance by Lee Mack.