Last of the Summer Wine

Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?

Series 26 - Episode 5 Who's That Mouse in the Poetry Group?



Smiler begins attending a poetry group and is inspired to write verses for an enchanted Marina. When the two go to the meeting together, an anxious Howard needs to find a way of keeping an eye on them without being seen - and Truly claims to have the perfect solution.

Cast & Crew

Truly Frank Thornton
Smiler Stephen Lewis
Marina Jean Fergusson
Howard Robert Fyfe
Norman Clegg Peter Sallis
1st PC Ken Kitson
2nd PC Louis Emerick
Alvin Brian Murphy
Auntie Wainwright Jean Alexander
Barry Mike Grady
Billy Keith Clifford
Entwistle Burt Kwouk
Glenda Sarah Thomas
Ivy Jane Freeman
Miss Davenport Josephine Tewson
Nora Batty Kathy Staff
Pearl Juliette Kaplan
Roz Dora Bryan
Tom Tom Owen
Vicar Gerard Hayling
Walker Jess Conrad
Walker Penelope Jay
Director Alan JW Bell
Producer Alan JW Bell
Writer Roy Clarke
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