Keeping Up Appearances

Richard's Birthday Skis

Series 5 - Episode 5 Richard's Birthday Skis



Hyacinth disappoints Richard by buying him a pair of skis for his birthday, intending to strap them to the car in yet another attempt to impress the neighbours. However, the scheme backfires when her rich sister Violet arrives and cuts her down to size.

Cast & Crew

Hyacinth Bucket Patricia Routledge
Richard Bucket Clive Swift
Onslow Geoffrey Hughes
Daisy Judy Cornwell
Rose Mary Millar
Elizabeth Josephine Tewson
Emmet David Griffin
Vicar Jeremy Gittins
Vicar's wife Marion Barron
1st Miss Pilsworth Clare Kelly
2nd Miss Pilsworth Lois Penson
Violet Anna Dawson
Bruce John Evitts
Director Harold Snoad
Producer Harold Snoad
Writer Roy Clarke
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