Auf Wiedersehen, Pet


Series 4 - Episode 4 Moonlighting



A besotted Oz persuades the gang to do a spot of moonlighting by helping renovate Ofelia's rundown home. Wyman takes a leaf out of his late father's book by seducing embassy worker Tina. Meanwhile, Neville's loyalties are tested when he is ordered to spy on a Manchester United fan, and Dennis begins to feel left out. Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy and Kevin Whately star.

Cast & Crew

Dennis Tim Healy
Barry Timothy Spall
Neville Kevin Whately
Oz Jimmy Nail
Bomber Pat Roach
Ofelia Ortiz Josefina Gabrielle
Moxey Christopher Fairbank
Wyman Noel Clarke
Tarquin Alexander Hanson
Gary Turnbull Clive Russell
Tina Zoe Eeles
Raul Javier Alcina
Ofelia's grandfather Ricardo Montez
Michael Goy David Cheung
Michael's Friend Jonathan Chan-Pensley
Michael's Friend 2 Myriam Pablo
Angel Juan Maria Almonte
Croupier Ramon Chamadoira
Cuban Girl Robmariel Olea
Prison guard Miguel Angel Plaza
Director David Innes Edwards
Producer Chrissy Skinns
Writer Ian La Frenais
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