Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

A Gift from Fidel

Series 4 - Episode 3 A Gift from Fidel



Dennis's first task as gaffer is to pick up a valuable antique bath from Fidel Castro's country residence and bring it back to Havana as a gift to the ambassador. Despite having made other plans for their day off, the lads reluctantly agree to join him, and a bite to eat at the Cuban leader's expense helps to lift their spirits - but Barry, Oz and Neville disappear en route. Tim Healy, Kevin Whately, Timothy Spall and Jimmy Nail star.

Cast & Crew

Dennis Tim Healy
Barry Timothy Spall
Neville Kevin Whately
Oz Jimmy Nail
Bomber Pat Roach
Moxey Christopher Fairbank
Wyman Noel Clarke
Gary Turnbull Clive Russell
Pru Scott-Johns Caroline Harker
Tarquin Alexander Hanson
Ofelia Ortiz Josefina Gabrielle
Tina Zoe Eeles
Raul Javier Alcina
Sandoro Andy Lucas
Ballet Director Stella Maris
Ballet Dancer Francisco Orjales-Mourente
Hector Pancho Clisante
Widow Olga Bucarelli
Policeman Kenny Grullon
Michael Goy David Cheung
Ticket Clerk Gyanna Mella
Producer Chrissy Skinns
Producer Maurice Phillips
Writer Ian La Frenais
Writer Dick Clement
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